Manager Monday: The Corners of Brookfield Apartments

Manager Monday is back with the amazing property manager at The Corners Apartments! The Corners wouldn’t be complete without Riley and the luxury apartments above it all! Riley is our dedicated property manager who lives and breathes The Corners… literally! Rockstar Riley lives on site in our beautiful apartment homes to oversee the property and make sure the residents have everything they need to be living their best life.

Meet Riley and be sure to check out what it’s like to live at the cornerstone of shopping, dining and living!


Hello! I’m Riley. I’m an outgoing, hardworking UW-Whitewater graduate with 8 years of property management experience. I’m married to the best husband ever, have two beloved cats and am a motorcycle and automobile enthusiast.


What makes the corners of brookfield apartments Special? what is your role with the apartments?

There are many components that make the apartment homes really special, but if I had to pick just one it would be the LOCATION! Being steps away from the fantastic shops and restaurants here at The Corners is what truly sets us apart from our competitors. There is nothing like being able to hop in the elevator and ride down to Sendik’s for groceries or that one simple ingredient you forgot! In addition there are many exciting events happening in the Market Square year round which help to create a sense of community and provide a unique living experience for the residents.

My role with the apartments is to oversee the two residential buildings, the onsite team, and assist the wonderful residents that we have! I’m so proud to be the property manager of The Corners of Brookfield Apartments.


WHAT would the perfect weekend look like for you?

My perfect weekend would be pretty simple. It would involve sleeping in, spending time with my family and going out to eat with my husband, Harry. When the weather is nice it would also involve a motorcycle ride.


Favorite thing to order at one of the corner’s restaurants?

I love pizza. I’m hooked on the traditional pizza from Grimaldi’s with pepperoni and jalapenos!


new favorite book, show or hobby?

Honestly, I am LOVING Cyclebar! It’s such a fun and challenging workout!