Manager Monday: Café Hollander

Meet Russell, the manager at Café Hollander! A unique place like Café Hollander requires a unique manager to match. Russell’s passion for bier, food, and having a good time shines through in his work and the atmosphere that fills the restaurant daily. Be sure to stop in, grab a bier with Russell and enjoy the last weeks of summertime at Cafe Hollander!

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I have been in management in the restaurant industry for 15+ years. I have a been married to my beautiful wife for 4 years and we both enjoy to travel as well as go to the movies. My hobbies/fun outside of work include: golf, landscaping, home remodeling, family/friend get togethers, traveling outside of the US and finding new places to dine out and try new craft biers.

What makes café Hollander special? 

Cafe Hollander/Lowlands is a great place to work. It gives you a feeling and or an experience to “step on European soil”. We have over 150 biers, a great bloody mary and cocktail program as well as a scratch kitchen where all the magic happens. I feel we have “lightning in a bottle” here. We offer guests a unique experience and really try to highlight that for each and every visit. It is a place to experience biers you cannot find elsewhere or purchase from a liquor store. The sheer size and design of the restaurant is amazing and many guests like the fact we have a few patios to chose from when it is nice out. The major component that really makes it a great place is the people who work there. My team is dedicated and vested to make everyone’s experience great. If we didn’t have that, we would just be another place on Google Maps.

WHAT would the perfect weekend look like for you?

Perfect weekend… would be 80 degrees with low humidity and all 9 garage doors are open. We love being able to showcase this feature. Guests are laughing, kicking back and relaxing with some amazing drinks along with delicious food as well as enjoying the ambiance.  Oh, and none of my employees called in sick!! That would be great. We have had these weekends, and let me tell you it is amazing to step back and watch it all work! Those are the days that make it all worth it.

Favorite thing to order at café hollander?

I have soooooo many favorites. My bier of chose is La Chouffe Houblon. It is a beautiful Belgian golden/blonde bier that is considered 50% tripel and 50% IPA. It has small subtle notes of bitterness as well as fruity yeast components that give it an all around great taste. I also love all the Trappist biers we carry. It is not everyday you can be surrounded by bier that is made by Trappist Monks! My favorite food item would have to be the Sconnie Burger or the Dutch Quarter Jambalaya. Both have amazing flavors.

new favorite book, show or hobby?

I have always been a movie buff. I have an inner child, and I enjoy a lot watching super hero, mob and based on true story movies but do not shy away from a good tear jerker!