Our Holiday Gift Guide: For Kids

Santa shared with us some of the top gifts this season all the way from the North Pole and we’re sharing them to make your live 150% easier! Whether you’ve got a little adventurer or a little princess on your list, we’ve got you covered with lots options for whatever their hearts desire!


Gifts for the Kiddos:

  1. Kids’ Winter Walker Snowshoes, L.L Bean: Why? Give them the gift of adventure this winter. These snowshoes are easy to put on and will ensure endless adventures for the kiddos.

2.) Sonic Snow Saucer DLX, L.L Bean: Why? Nothing says Christmas, like sledding! The Sonic Snow Saucer will speed down the hill, but is lightweight enough to easily haul it all the way back up!

3.) F.A.O Schwartz Fashion Designer Activity Kit, Von Maur: Why? Create the next big time fashion designer with this sleek kit that can be transported anywhere. Using a sheet of paper and some pencils or crayons, you can trace new designs over the figures on the plates and mix and match the patterns in the tablet to discover eclectic new outfits anywhere.

4.) Pippa & Julie Aaliyah Faux-Fur Top and Mesh Skirt Set, Von Maur: Why? This faux-fur top speaks to her wild side while the polka-dot tulle skirt appeals to her charming personality making this sweet ensemble the best of both worlds. The top is soft as can be and the skirt features a gold elastic waistband so she can boogie ’till her heart’s content.

5.) Hatle Mountain Monsters Fleece Robe, Von Maur: Why? Your little guy will absolutely love this plush fleece robe with its fun yeti graphics, cozy hooded design, and super-soft feel.

6.) Whatchama DRAW It Game, Paper Source: Why? WhatchamaDRAWit is creativity gone wacky. Or is it drawing gone wild. Or maybe fun gone crazy. This fast-action, fun-filled drawing game will have you creating outrageous depictions.

7.) The Gift of Fro-yo! Orange LeafGift Card: Why? It’s the sweetest gift for all the kiddos on your list this year. Let everyone enjoy flavor freedom at Orange Leaf.

8.) Gilded Silver Sloth, Francesca’s: Why? The cuddly and cute creature will continue to put a smile on their face day after day. No matter what age, you can’t go wrong with the gilded silver sloth.

9.) Sendik’s Rootbeer: Why? Start a new tradition with your kiddo’s- Root Beer Floats! Bonus, Sendik’s rich and creamy root beer is made right here in Wisconsin!

10.) Mommy’s Helper Apron, Francesca’s: Why? This is a gift both the kid and the mommy’s will love! Spend some quality time with the kiddos as you teach them how to cook with this adorable apron.